Blindings (Paperwork)

A series of paper sculptural forms made by systematically marking the edges of paper and drawing intuitively between those points. The marked edges are then matched and fixed together so that they bind into continuous lines inside the structure. Medium: tenjin paper, cotton thread, graphite Dimensions variable (each piece:  max 100(h)x25x25cm) All images from installation at Interim exhibtion at Wimbledon College of Art, May 2019.

To You, To Me (Squeezeboxes) and Cave residency

The residue of the cave visit, the mud and damage to the surface was part of the work alongside those squeezebox forms that had remained in the studio after being shown in the Lewisham Arthouse white cube gallery. People were invited to move the structures and try them for size to see if they would be able to pass through the dimensions of each form. Click here for full documentation

To You, To Me (DRTs)

Images below:  To You, To Me (DRTs Trilogy) Installation views at Interim in Wimbledon College of Art, London, December 2018 Medium:  Monoprint screenprint on paper, acrylic paint and puff binder, digital tablet and headphones, wood, metal screwfixings Dimensions variable This installed body of work included AR activated drawings, digital video installed in a wooden sculptural form and a series of screenprinted images using textured binders and blind embossed etching. The

To You, To Me (DRTs) – screenprint series

A series of screenprint experiments using images of the thermoplastic forms I made after visiting the Dana Research Library and researching the Burden Neuroscience Institute and the light-seeking Robot Tortoises. Experiments with textiles and binders to produce tactile surfaces and interactions between the photographic images and more analogue handmade marks progressed towards embossing and more abstract representations found later in the squeezebox series of prints. Images below:  To You, To

To You, To Me (‘Go in the Woods) I-VI (2018)

This series of prints is made in response to a small etching called ‘Blind Woman in a Wood’ (1902) by Paula Modersohn-Becker that is stored in the British Museum Prints and Drawings collection.I spent a day close-looking and copying this work having searched for any work resonant with my investigation with transformational experiences and embodied drawing practice.The reduced quality of line describing the Woman’s expression and the strange contradictory perspective

To You, To Me (Carjack) (2018)

A series of drawings in the shape of the windows on the side of my car made while listening to audio recordings of daily journeys. The drawings are activated using Artivive app to overlay video and sound taken from the original audio recordings and from past events that have taken place in the car. Part of a series of work investigating the possible effects that de-stabilising the expectations of the

To You, To Me (Darkroom Drawing) (2018)

Research around creating sensorily derived working environments led me to create a project where I invited local women to pose for me for a pinhole portrait photograph in Dundonald Park, a recreational community space in Wimbledon near the College of Art. I approached women I encountered there over a series of morning sessions and asked them to hold a pose for 40 secs while I exposed the film in the

An Echo

A series of drawings made during a 2hr 9min session in an anechoic chamber.  Taking a cue from the lightless, soundless quality of the space, I allowed my memories and compulsion to use the materials and media I prepared to direct my responses.  Viewers of the work made were invited to edit the printed transcript, adding or redacting to the account of the session using a similar graphite tool as