To You, To Me (Fissures) monoprint series

This series of monoprints is formed of laser-cut chine colle elements and inked plates to generate images inspired by embodied experiences of recent cave visits. The influences of these physical environments and movement of the body in those spaces and in relation to those particular encounters and the moment in the printroom affects the colours to produce these dynamically prepared compositions prior to rolling through the printing press. Images: To

To You, To Me (Squeezeboxes) screenprint series

Images: To You, To Me (Squeezeboxes) I & II (2019) Medium:  Monoprint on Somerset Satin paper Dimensions:  76(h)x56(w)cm   A series of monoprint screenprints dynamically composed from small stencils.   Each monoprint is therefore a record of a unique moment in response to the edges of the paper and the corresponding edges of a previous stencil printrun. The images relate to imagined perspective shifts derived from the Squeezebox structures.  These Squeezebox

To You, To Me (DRTs) – screenprint series

A series of screenprint experiments using images of the thermoplastic forms I made after visiting the Dana Research Library and researching the Burden Neuroscience Institute and the light-seeking Robot Tortoises. Experiments with textiles and binders to produce tactile surfaces and interactions between the photographic images and more analogue handmade marks progressed towards embossing and more abstract representations found later in the squeezebox series of prints. Images below:  To You, To

Visual Diary of Daily Journeys

Series of 32 drawings made in response to listening to a daily audio recording of a journey I’ve made.  Sometimes it is a walk, a bicycle ride, a car trip.  Sometimes there are conversations or radio stations included.  Some indication of the means of transport is observed:  footsteps, a bicycle bell, a car engine, seagulls, passing traffic, pedestrians. This work is on-going and is used as material for other works