To You, To Me (Carjack) (2018)

A series of drawings in the shape of the windows on the side of my car made while listening to audio recordings of daily journeys. The drawings are activated using Artivive app to overlay video and sound taken from the original audio recordings and from past events that have taken place in the car. Part of a series of work investigating the possible effects that de-stabilising the expectations of the

Visual Diary of Daily Journeys

Series of 32 drawings made in response to listening to a daily audio recording of a journey I’ve made.  Sometimes it is a walk, a bicycle ride, a car trip.  Sometimes there are conversations or radio stations included.  Some indication of the means of transport is observed:  footsteps, a bicycle bell, a car engine, seagulls, passing traffic, pedestrians. This work is on-going and is used as material for other works


Resident in an empty office space for 1 week, I made an intuitive response to the site using white labels and Windolene glass cleaner The stickers grew into organic systemic wall drawings influenced by the materials and view out of the window over the rooftops and the large tree that dominated the space nearby. The process led from wall to window to wall to paper:  outside/inside/on/onto. The view, the materials,

An Echo

A series of drawings made during a 2hr 9min session in an anechoic chamber.  Taking a cue from the lightless, soundless quality of the space, I allowed my memories and compulsion to use the materials and media I prepared to direct my responses.  Viewers of the work made were invited to edit the printed transcript, adding or redacting to the account of the session using a similar graphite tool as