Images:  Installation views in Crypt Gallery, St Pancras and inside Goatschurch Cavern, Somerset

Medium:  wood, acrylic paint, canvas stretcher fixings

Dimensions variable, 14 structures max height 160cm; max width 70cm

As part of Hollow Chambers exhibition and artist residency at Mendip Caving Group, a selection of squeezebox forms were transported across rough terrain to Reads Cavern and Goatchurch Cavern nr Blagdon, Cheddar. Inside the caves complexes, I made new configurations in site-specific context of the cave formations. The three digital print photographs on wooden panels showed this documentation as part of the installed work at the Crypt Gallery, St Pancras during the Hollow Chambers exhibition.

The residue of the cave visit, the mud and damage to the surface was part of the work alongside those squeezebox forms that had remained in the studio after being shown in the Lewisham Arthouse white cube gallery. People were invited to move the structures and try them for size to see if they would be able to pass through the dimensions of each form.

Click here for full documentation of the Hollow Chambers project