Images below:  To You, To Me (DRTs Trilogy) Installation views at Interim in Wimbledon College of Art, London, December 2018 Medium:  Monoprint screenprint on paper, acrylic paint and puff binder, digital tablet and headphones, wood, metal screwfixings Dimensions variable

This installed body of work included AR activated drawings, digital video installed in a wooden sculptural form and a series of screenprinted images using textured binders and blind embossed etching.

The work explored narrative themes developed from cave residencies and research at the Dana Research Centre and Library, part of the Science Museum, London.

Alongside textured and tactile screenprints of Dreaming Robot Tortoises (DRTs) and rock fissues, AR films triggered by the drawings showed DRTs animated around a cave space, struggling to negotiate the landscape and eventually moving to the outside world.

A wooden structure inspired by cavers squeezeboxes (functional devices that test whether a body mass will pass through an equivalent rock fissure before the cave is entered) was used as a viewing portal for a looped film player with headphones that shows all the AR film segments as a 2 minute long continuous piece.

This work marks a split in developmental thinking between the narrative-rich possibilities of the DRTs that came from encountering the Robot Tortoises from archive material relating to the light seeking pro-computers developed at Burden Neuroscience Institute in the 1950s and a more abstract exploration of imagery and material form that is concerned with the body and the encounter with the residues of making.

To activate the three 45 second films, use the Artivive app on your phone and view each of the images below in turn or click the film below to view directly.

The short films were made during a caving residency with Mendip Caving Group in Somerset and included in the Whetherscapes publication as AR-activated images.

Images below:  To You, To Me (Fissures), 2018.   A series of embossed paper using plates inspired by rock fissures observed at Goatschurch Cavern November 2018

Medium:  Somerset textured paper

Dimensions variable max 20(h)x15(w)cm