Research around creating sensorily derived working environments led me to create a project where I invited local women to pose for me for a pinhole portrait photograph in Dundonald Park, a recreational community space in Wimbledon near the College of Art.

I approached women I encountered there over a series of morning sessions and asked them to hold a pose for 40 secs while I exposed the film in the pinhole camera.  This film sheet I then processed for 15minutes in total darkness.  During this time, I drew with a sharp needle on a second unexposed film sheet. This second sheet was then processed for another 15 minute cycle while I drew with a needle on a piece of clear acetate.

I was interested in spending time with the images in total darkness and regard the three versions of the image as equivalent portraits of the women I met and as artefacts that document my time spent drawing.

This installation of a series of pinhole photographic negatives and drawings on film and acetate and was in response to the theme of Against Static, an group exhibition of work curated by Tania Kovats Dec 2017 at Wimbledon Space, UAL Wimbledon

Images below:  To You, To Me (Darkroom Drawing) Installation views at Against Static in Wimbledon College of Art, London, December 2017

Medium:  Photographic film, acetate, steel pins

Dimensions: variable max 100(h)x50(w)cm

6E2A4896 (Custom)IMG_6195 (Custom)

IMG_6168 (Custom)