A series of drawings made during a 2hr 9min session in an anechoic chamber.  Taking a cue from the lightless, soundless quality of the space, I allowed my memories and compulsion to use the materials and media I prepared to direct my responses.  Viewers of the work made were invited to edit the printed transcript, adding or redacting to the account of the session using a similar graphite tool as I used in the chamber.

Images:   Installation views at Time and Narrative exhibition in Wimbledon College of Art, London December 2017

Medium:  mixed media on paper with sound recording and printed transcript

Dimensions variable – paper max29(h)x21(w)

TIME+NARRATIVE - Denise Poote (6)TIME+NARRATIVE - Denise Poote (7)TIME+NARRATIVE - Denise Poote (1)TIME+NARRATIVE - Denise Poote (5)