Resident in an empty office space for 1 week, I made an intuitive response to the site using white labels and Windolene glass cleaner

The stickers grew into organic systemic wall drawings influenced by the materials and view out of the window over the rooftops and the large tree that dominated the space nearby.

The process led from wall to window to wall to paper:  outside/inside/on/onto.

The view, the materials, the circles of lenslessness, the motif on my jumper, an artist commission.  Happy that the fearfulness of not knowing can be easily sidestepped by the way in which I behave and think.

Covering the windows, revealing the spaces, translating the direct response into something more abstract on the walls, responding to that and moving easily to documenting findings in more traditional paper and markmaking materials of charcoal pencil and graphite.

Images:  Installation views in Project Space 208, Wimbledon College of Art, London Dec 2017

Medium:  Stickers, windolene glass cleaner, paper, graphite

Dimensions variable