A series of drawings in the shape of the windows on the side of my car made while listening to audio recordings of daily journeys. The drawings are activated using Artivive app to overlay video and sound taken from the original audio recordings and from past events that have taken place in the car.

Part of a series of work investigating the possible effects that de-stabilising the expectations of the viewer may elicit.

The work was developed in May 2018 and installed in the windows around a car at Artparkspace as part of BEAF 2018 festival. See more information here

Carjack (RHS) was selected for Realities AR exhibition and toured as part of Vienna Design Week 2018 and onto Bejiing, China.

Images:  Installation view at Wimbledon College of Art, London, May 2018

Medium:  Graphite on paper/digital collage

Dimensions: variable – on paper:  4 panels max 150(w)x75(h)cm


To activate the films that the 4 drawings shown at Artparkspace at BEAF2018 triggered, use the Artivive app to view each drawing in turn:
touran back window on white (Custom)touran front window on whiteV2 (Custom)





rhs 5 panel composite (Custom)






lhs 5 panel composite (Custom)