Using a series of forms derived from packaging templates and the materials and media of painting, this body of work is made using the B(l)inding method where the edges of a surface is systematically marked and a drawing is intuitively made between those marked edge points. The marked edges are then matched and fixed together so that they bind into continuous lines inside the structure. The forms are installed in a particular place with reference to the other elements in the space and visitors are invited to move, re-shape, re-orient or wear them, offering an opportunity to share the physicality and process-led making that the objects may carry into the encounter.

Alongside its sculptural presence in the specific site, the vibrant green painted outer surface of the forms is also available as a projection surface for live digital display. This offers a displacement potential in the representation of the real objects and the digital version of those objects in virtual space.

Medium: canvas, acrylic paint, gel medium

Dimensions variable (each piece:  max 160(h)x50x50cm)

All images from installation at A Cipher is a Key to a Code exhibition at Centre for Recent Drawing, London, May 2019.